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happy family beginnings

Offering postpartum care services & insights

To bring energy, rejuvenation and confidence to new mothers  & dads for a healthy family beginning 

We have the know-how you need

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From pregnancy to delivery, the natural transformative changes in a woman’s body is miraculous. It changes the physical body, hormone levels and even emotions. Re-nourishing, reshaping and restoring the women’s body postpartum for a full recovery is our mission. 


At MotherlyCare, we infuse effective, traditional Asian postpartum care methodologies (Pui Yuet 陪月, Yue Zi 月子, Sitting the Month 坐月, Postpartum Confinement or Doula) with modern health & wellness thinking.


We leverage Chinese herbs alongside fresh, high-protein ingredients for nourishing meals. We adopt wellness techniques like BengKung postpartum belly-binding, rooted in Southeast Asian traditions, to help re-stabilize the physical body.

We aim to bring you insights on such traditions, nourishing-for-women recipes and helpful baby & mommy survival tips.

Starting a new family should be a worry-free and magical experience. Let us partner with you to make that happen.

Meet the Team

Cecilia Wong - Cofounder, Chief Care & Health Officer


Cecilia is an experienced and trained postpartum caregiver who has supported countless new moms in Toronto. She holds 2 professional certificates for postpartum care and belly binding from Hong Kong, along with the CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula Recognition and Food Handling License in Canada. She is fluent in English, Chinese and Mandarin.


Cecilia loves caring for babies and enjoys trying new kinds of recipes. She has raised two daughters into adulthood and cares for her grandkids.


She has experienced firsthand the importance of a mother’s physical and emotional well-being to meet the new challenges of caring for a newborn. She has dedicated herself to help facilitate a rewarding and smooth transition for new families entering parenthood. She is constantly learning and looking for new ways to create a worry-free experience for new moms to regain the much-needed strength and confidence to care for little ones. 

Cecilia Wong
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Anthea Lai
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Anthea Lai - Cofounder, Chief Marketing & Operations Officer, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)


Anthea is passionate about promoting women’s overall health, physically, mentally and spiritually. As a mother of 2 healthy children, she has a wealth of tips & tricks to care for young children, She has greatly benefited from Pui Yuet 陪月 postpartum care during her pregnancy and in her recovery from delivery.


She continues to be surprised at the low emphasis in women's postpartum care in the current healthcare system. For this, she is committed to advocate for postpartum care education for new moms to replenish and protect one’s health.. She believes in the theories and benefits from traditional Asian-inspired postpartum care and have seen its effectiveness in recovery for herself and others.


Having grown up in both Hong Kong and Canada, she has observed that Chinese traditions are gradually disappearing when it comes to 1st and 2nd generation Canadian-born Chinese.  Using the MotherlyCare platform, she is excited to bring like-minded health practitioners and caregivers together to share meaningful insights about postpartum care recovery that works and pass on what has been carried down through generations. 

She is a licensed registered psychotherapist (qualifying) under the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario serving youth, young adult, moms and adults through life transitions in development, parenting, career and mental health. She offers psychotherapy in English / Cantonese for prenatal & postnatal moms who may be dealing with anxiety, mood changes, inter-generational dynamic conflicts, and self-esteem. To learn more, visit for more information. 

Postpartum Doula Team

MotherlyCare has a team of postpartum doulas who are friendly, knowledgeable, experienced and caring, especially around Asian Postpartum Care.


We look forward to support you and your family's new beginning. 

Join our Team

If you having a caring nature, absolutely love babies & cooking, we would love to have you join us as a MotherlyCare postpartum doula!  We offer training to help you start a new, meaningful journey as a Asian-inspired (Chinese) postpartum doula. 


We also welcome healthcare practitioners, dietitians, small businesses to partner with us in our vision. Please contact us at

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