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Bengkung Belly Wrap

Postpartum Belly Binding and Massages

Re-shaping & restoring your body is the best labor gift treat you can give yourself!

What is Bengkung belly-binding?

The ancient Belly-binding technique can be traced back to Egyptians and Hebrew traditions performed in Greece and Rome. Back then, ancient Egyptians used aromatherapy massage and body wraps to promote blood circulation, increase lymphatic drainage and slim the body.

While girdles, spanks and bands were created to achieve the same purpose, many are starting to go back to traditional roots of using basic cloth to wrap the belly so that varying pressure can be applied to different parts of the body for the best result. This is especially helpful for new moms postpartum.

How it works?

The Bengkung Belly-Binding method is to use pure cotton cloth strip (approx 16 yards by 9”), you start wrapping the cloth from the pelvis to the upper abdomen. For every single wrap around the body, you tie a knot in the middle and then again and again until you have covered the entire abdomen just under the breast.

With each wrap around, you can exert different pressure to tighten a localized area. This will help realign the pelvic bone and abdomen while reducing back pain.

Wrapping time can start from 6-8 weeks after natural delivery or 8-12 weeks after C-section when Lochia (don't know what Lochia is? Read more about it in our blog!) stops.


The Bengkung Belly-Binding is most powerful when done as soon as possible, and it's amazing effects can still be seen if done within 3 years of giving birth. The wrap should be kept on for 6-8 hours a day during treatment period for optimal result.

Belly Wrap Closeup
Why pair belly-binding with a warm belly massage?

The purpose and benefit of belly-binding is to help the uterus contract, restore the core, retract the bone, reshape the waistline, and tighten the belly for slimming effects.

Pairing the binding with special massaging techniques will help to drain the visceral toxins and water accumulated during the pregnancy. Internal organs return to the original position pre-pregnancy to prevent early body deterioration that may occur with large abdominal muscle and loose/lowered uterus.

Postpartum Belly Binding & Massage Service

A 10 Day Treatment Module (~90 mins per day)


Treatment details:

  • 30 mins belly warming massage

  • Bengkung method belly binding

  • Pre & Post treatment assessment of diastasis recti, and waist & hip measurement

  • Daily progress check

Treatment materials include: 

  • Rental or Purchase of muslin cotton belly wrap

  • Massage oil

  • Belly warming device

Massage Supplies


"I cannot recommend Cecilia's belly binding services enough - she performed the services for me when I was between 6 and 7 months postpartum and was accommodating in terms of timing the binding process while my baby was napping. She is so genuine, kind, and is truly dedicated to helping postpartum mothers heal both internally and externally. As a result of Cecilia's help, I am no longer experiencing back pain and I have been able to eliminate excess bloating and gas trapped in my body from childbirth. I was also surprised to find that she was able to help reduce the pain that has accompanied my period for years! Her belly massages are a lifesaver and definitely require her technical expertise to execute - not just anybody can do it. As an added bonus to belly binding, my diastasis recti gap has reduced as well.

Thank you so much for your hard work Cecilia!"

S.A. - MotherlyCare Client

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