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customized postpartum doula care services

In-home/Virtual Postpartum Doula Care Services

Comprehensive, dynamic, worry-free “Motherly Care” experience; customized Asian (Chinese)-inspired doula care to your family needs.

Standard Service Plan & Components

The golden window of postpartum care is approximately 4 - 6 weeks post-delivery.

Our service offering typically are 6 hours a day (Mon - Fri). All services can be customized to your needs.

All services will include 2 postnatal preparation at-home visits. 

There are 3 standard components of our postpartum doula care services:  Baby Care, Mommy Care and Postpartum Meals & Drinks (suitable for the family).

Reservations for the services are usually made 5-6 months ahead of your scheduled due date. Buffer weeks will be made to accommodate for early/late deliveries. 

Virtual care can also be arranged. Please connect with us so we can create the best plan for you!

Initial Consultation Visit

  • Detail run-through of customized service plan. Service contract finalized upon agreement. 

  • Consultation to prepare items needed to welcome your bundle of joy into the home.

Postnatal Belly

Pre-Delivery Visit

  • Review of family food preferences, dietary and allergies consideration. 

  • Preparation of postpartum meals & drink: including produce, herbal supplies and other requirements. 

Postnatal Preparation At-home Visits

​Baby Care

  • Review daily health progress of baby.

  • Care for baby's regular feeding, bathing, and calming for sleep needs.

  • Advise parents and support to resolve baby needs related to skin eczema, upset stomach, sleep cycles & feeding.

baby & doula care

Standard Service Components

Baby Breastfeeding

​Mommy Care

  • Review & attend to daily health progress of mom's postpartum physical recovery (i.e. postpartum bleeding monitoring, natural/C-section wounds, breastfeeding support) and emotional well-being.

  • Offer uninterrupted rest as your baby is nurtured with utmost care.

  • On-site emotional & practical support to help you ease into new family dynamics and bodily changes.

Postpartum Meals & Drinks

  • Freshly prepared gourmet meal plan tailored to health condition, preferences, food sensitivities and postpartum recovery stages.

  • Meal plans comprise of the following:

    • Pot of daily rejuvenating soup

    • Jar of Postpartum Recovery Tea

    • Choice dishes for each meal (lunch & dinner) with snacks/desserts. 

Chinese Postpartum Meal

Add-on Premium Service Components

Chinese Postpartum Pork Knuckle Ginger Vinegar Soup

Postpartum Meal Preparations

  • Traditional Ginger Soup Celebration Individualized Packages (call to inquire)

  • Dry herbal food and grocery shopping within service duration 

Chinese Herbal Mixture

Re-shaping Your Body

Women postpartum bengkung bellybinding

We would be excited to journey with you as you prepare for your new family addition and well-deserved postpartum recovery! 

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