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Client Testimonials

"Thank you for allowing us to share your joys of new beginnings in your home and being a part of our MotherlyCare community."

Healthy Baby at Christmas

"We are so glad that we had Cecilia to help us after the birth of our first child. Everything was new to us and things did get a little overwhelming at times but lucky Cecilia was there to help and guild us along the way. The way she cares for our daughter, you can tell she truly loves her job.

She also a great cook! She prepared all the meals for us, catering to our eating habits because as a new mom, prepared food is the last thing on your mind. She made sure that the meals are nutritious to help me with postpartum recovery and increase my milk supply.

I highly recommend Cecilia service, because of her, I have recovery quickly and am now more confident in caring for my daughter. She’s loving, caring, attentive and we couldn’t have asked for more.


Thanks again for all your help Cecilia!"

Jenny Cai

"Cecilia is a very nice, experienced, attentive and reliable confinement lady. I would highly recommend her postpartum service.

Cecilia helped us out from the 9th to 13th week of our newborn after baby was born in Hong Kong and back to Toronto. We are glad to have her care and assistance during that period in adjusting the jet lag and adopting into a new environment.

Cecilia can cook very well. She prepared wide range of healthy dishes and soup which suited both the mother and the rest of the family. She is very supportive for breast feeding. During the period of her service, I was able to continue strict breast feeding.


She has great experience in taking care of babies and manage their needs. She showed genuine care and love for my baby and was very gentle and patient in taking care of the baby. In addition, she maintained good communication with me during my pregnancy, and after baby was born out before the start of the service. 


I would highly recommend Cecilia and I believe she can continue to provide great postpartum services to both moms and newborns."

Josephine Chuk

Happy Baby Boy

"I'm so glad to have Cecilia be my postpartum doula during my recovering month. I'm feeling hard to handle daily meals and take care of my first newborn baby after C-section, but she was treating my little one as her family, specialize in helping I and my husband after baby's born, easing the burdens of daily life so we can concentrate on our baby.

Moreover, she was well prepared my daily meals which helps to recover my body back to normal, she is thoughtful and helpful to I and my family, I will definitely find her again if I have my next one."

Vani Y Lee

"Cecilia is an easy going person and I can see that she is passionate in her work. She is patient and caring. I know my baby is in good hands. ^=^

Thanks to her, I was able to catch up some sleep when she was present and helped take care of my baby so that I could rest and recharge for the “night shift”!!

Thanks to her delicious and nutritious meals, soups and desserts, I was able to fully breastfeed my baby in the second week. My baby has gained 2 lbs in a month. She also tailor-made some healthy meals for my elder son who is a picky eater. 

We are satisfied with her service and would definitely recommend her!"

Mimi Wong

Beef Brisket Noodle Soup

"If I had to describe Cecilia’s service and person in 3 words, it would be “professional, approachable and motherly”.

First off, I like Cecilia off the bat, my first time talking to her was through the phone, not only did she answer all my questions, but through the phone I can tell she was very caring because she also asked about my pregnancy progress and tried to get to know me.

The second thing I liked about Cecelia’s service is the pre-delivery visit she does. As a first time mother, there is a lot of things you don’t know, so it was nice for her to visit and let me know if I am missing anything or if there are any pointers on what to expect after birth.

Furthermore, not only is she an awesome cook, she made sure to jot down what I preferred to eat and what I ended up having left overs of. Everything she cooked consisted of many Chinese medicinal ingredients (which she will provide you a list of things to buy).

I believe I had a very speedy and good recovery due to the things she made for me. The things she cooked for me also helped me with breastfeeding, I had an abundant of supply.

Lastly, she is great with the baby! She is very gentle with the baby and talks to him a lot. The baby never cries when he’s in her arms. It really helps to have someone you trust to take the baby off your hands for a little while so that you can have a break.

The first thing she does every morning is make me breakfast and while I’m eating she wipes the baby’s face and teeth. Cecilia made me feel like she genuinely cared for both myself and the baby."

Bunny Wang

"I couldn’t be more satisfied with my experience with Cecilia! My husband and I were at ease with our newborn being cared by her and she eased our anxiety being first-time parents. 

We felt so relieved to know that our baby girl was in good hands and we had her guidance and expertise.


Professionally she is incredibly experienced. She is very patient and caring. She’s extremely reliable and quick to respond. I highly recommend her to any mommy or future mommy out there that needs a hand."

Amy Lee

Sleeping Newborn Boy

"My husband and I are very thankful to Cecilia for her postpartum service.


We got fresh meals everyday for the whole month which is much needed for myself, so I could have enough energy and nutrients to nurse and raise my baby.

My baby gained 3 pounds in the first month, we believe it’s all the good food from Cecilia that helped the baby grow so much. We also love the desserts from Cecilia too. That adds extra sweetness to our memories. Cecilia is such a loving person in taking care of our baby, she sings and smiles to our baby all the time. We think that’s very precious."

Winnie Chui

"1 really enjoyed having Cecilia around and will definitely miss her. I couldn't have made it throughout my postpartum month without her - both in taking care of myself and my baby. Cecilia seemed like one of the family - I fully trusted her with taking care of my baby and it was clear she truly cared for him. 

She is very knowledgeable, experienced and personable. I would highly recommend Cecilia for postpartum doula care services!"

Coral Wong


Cecilia was recommended to us by a dear friend, and it was such a great decision to work with her!

As first time parents, we really didn’t know what to expect and was not prepared for the mental exhaustion that came with caring for a newborn.

Cecilia is extremely patient, caring, knowledgeable and accommodating.


She cooks the most delicious and nutritious meals, and is well experienced in taking care of newborns. She was often able to soothe my fussy baby when I’ve exhausted all options!

It was wonderful having Cecilia around for support. In addition to being able to fit in a couple extra hours of nap time for myself, I also learned a lot about taking care of a newborn. We extended our service with Cecilia for an extra week because she was truly a lifesaver.

We definitely recommend getting in touch with Cecilia if you are thinking about getting some

help with your baby!

Vivian Lei

A few years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, Jolene was recommended to me by a friend who also had her as doula. Jolene came over for a house visit first and my husband and I liked her right away because she is so friendly, warm and knowledgeable.  


After we came home with the new baby, she was a lifesaver during that most difficult first month.  As new parents back then, we didn't know much about how to take care of a newborn, Jolene helped us with everything, from feeding the baby to giving baby baths to cooking yummy meals and Chinese soups for us.  When she was here during the day, I could actually rest and nap while she took care of the baby.  It really helped me to heal fast.  With the newborn chaos, it was so nice to have 3 meals a day plus dessert, soup and drinking tea freshly made for us everyday.  We never had to worry about not having healthy food to eat when we were so tired from all the sleepless nights. 


This year with my second child, it was a no brainer to ask her to come help us again postpartum. She was just as wonderful and pleasant, and even making sure my picky eater older child eats well everyday too.  We definitely miss having her around, and now my older son kept on asking for YeeYee!  Thank you, Jolene!

Karen Zhou Seto

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I hired Jolene to help me for my postpartum recovery with my second child. She was an invaluable help to us when it came to caring for my son and I was able to recover properly and without any issues. She cooked the necessary foods to help my milk come in quickly and in the necessary quantities for me to successfully feed my son.

She is very reliable and arrived promptly every day. The food was healthy, delicious and plentiful, my family enjoyed the healthy meals she cooked for us. I would recommend her to anyone, who are expecting a baby.


I cannot recommend Jolene enough. Not only was she hardworking, she was kind, thoughtful and overall treated us like her second family. If you ever book Jolene I can honestly say you are in good hands.


I had both my kids back to back (exactly a year apart) and going through it the first time, we knew for our second pregnancy we needed a doula. It was the best decision we ever made. Jolene went above and beyond taking care of my family and I. As soon as I came home from the hospital she made sure I had all the things I needed - rest, warm nutritional food and my newborn taken care of. You can tell Jolene was very experienced and put a lot of love into what she does. I know it can be nerve racking the idea of leaving your newborn to a complete stranger to take care of but when my husband and I initially spoke to her over the phone all my anxiety instantly went away. She made sure all our questions and concerned were answered and during the home visit it really solidified that she was going to be an amazing doula. Overall she took such good care of me putting my health priority and whenever I had an issue she always made sure she was there for me. Postpartum truly would’ve been hard had I not had Jolene - especially when I had a 1 year old running around and a newborn, she always stepped in to help us so we could get some rest.

Also the food was amazing! my toddler is usually a really picky eater but he never turned away her food, she always made sure to cater to my little guy as well which was really thoughtful. I cant thank her enough for what she does and how much it meant to us.



Even though this is our second baby, our baby-caring skills have been lacking since the four years we had our firstborn.  We were very lucky to have Jolene with us for the first five weeks after the baby came home.  

Jolene was extremely helpful, and she catered to our every need.  Our family loved her delicious homemade meals and desserts, and they fulfilled my voracious postpartum appetite.   Her Chinese recovery soups and teas have also helped me gain strength and maintained energy.  Jolene has even got my picky preschooler to eat many foods she wouldn't have tried before!  In addition, I was able to get some much-needed rest while she looked after the baby.   The boiled ginger water she made also helped to soothe my sore and tender post-birth body.  

Our family is very grateful to have Jolene as our postpartum doula.  We truly appreciate her presence and the many wonderful conversations we had.  I have learned new and invaluable baby-caring knowledge from her!   Since I did not have a postpartum doula when I had my firstborn, I have noticed what a difference Jolene has made in my recovery journey!  We highly recommend Jolene to all families who are expecting.


Just wanted to say thank you for having this service available, I didn’t come across very many and I’m glad I found your website! I really enjoyed the soups and teas over the last month.


They were very tasty and helped me feel nourished throughout my postpartum recovery.  I looked forward to drinking them daily and appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness involved in creating the soup combinations, variation and packaging.


I also really appreciate the flexibility of the pick-up/delivery options and having the option of the pre-frozen soups made everything very convenient as I had limited support this time around.  


I would definitely recommend this service to anyone interested.


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