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baby held by postpartum doula


Worry-free postpartum care for new mothers, rooted in Asian-inspired restorative traditions

Help to Restore. Traditions of Care. Recipes to Nourish.



Suite of holistic postpartum care services & products to promote speedy recovery for new moms

In-home Postpartum Doula Care
In-home / Virtual
Doula Care

Deluxe Chinese-inspired postpartum doula care services (Pui Yuet 陪月, YueZi 月子, Sitting the Month 坐月) to help new mothers have a  “motherly care” style recovery & healthy baby bonding. Enjoy dedicated baby care, deliciously cooked meals, much-needed rest & tailored support. 

Nourishing Drinks, Soups & Meals
Nourishing Drinks, Soups and Meals

Postpartum recovery tea and made-to-order traditional ginger soups alongside daily postpartum meals to replenish new mom’s nutritional needs for protein, calcium, blood replenishment, “Qi” energy and milk production.

Postpartum Belly Binding & Massage Services
Belly Binding and Massages

Malaysian Benkung belly binding paired with warm belly massages to promote uterus contraction, restore the core, reshape the waistline, and tighten the belly for slimming effects. A deserving full body restoration for new moms.

Serving new moms and families in Ontario, Canada - particularly in the Greater Toronto Area: Richmond Hill, Markham, Vaughan, Newmarket, North York & Scarborough with our postpartum doula care services


Be curious in the traditions of Asian-inspired postpartum care and try our nourishing food & soup recipes. 

Postpartum recovery tea


Postpartum recovery teas are the best kept secret


Postpartum recovery simmer tea (代茶) is a nutritiously-packed Chinese herbal drink
commonly served for new moms during the postpartum phase.
This herbal
tea has a hint of sweet fragrance & a warming effect to promote
healthy digestion and blood replenishment.



"Cecilia is a very nice, experienced, attentive and reliable confinement lady. I would highly recommend her postpartum service."

Josephine Chuk
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